Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Book Creation with Google Slides

Helping students publish their writing is something I've done in my own classroom and while supporting other classrooms in my role as Literacy with ICT teacher leader.  I think that publishing student writing is a great way to share student work with a wider audience, while integrating technology and encouraging students to polish their work to share with others.   I've blogged about How to Create Digital Books before, but I've recently been exploring another option for book creation.  Our school division is currently transitioning to Google Suite for Education, so our students and teachers now have access to Google tools.   Inspired by Eric Curts' ISTE presentation, Beyond the Slideshow, I've worked with some students and teachers to create books using Google Slides.   I don't have any samples to share just yet, but I do have some tips that I've found helpful!

Ways to Use Google Slides for Book Creation

  • whole-class book
  • individual book
  • choose your own adventure story
  • e-book, manual, textbook or guide

Tips for Using Slides for Book Creation

for a class book, create one slide (with a sentence starter, if desired) and duplicate it

take photos of student work on your iPad or tablet and upload them with the Google Drive app

to avoid copyright infringements, check out these sources for images:

Use the “Drag and Drop” method to easily insert images

  • click on image from website
  • drag to Slides tab
  • drag down onto slide
Share student books
File>Publish to web
  • provides a link and opens in full-screen presentation mode

File>Download as>PDF
  • saves as a PDF File

Create an audiobook by recording narration with Screencastify

Create a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure non-linear text by linking text to a slide
  • highlight text, right click and choose link
  • choose “slides in this presentation”
  • choose the appropriate slide to link 
Have fun with fonts
Click on font menu and choose MORE FONTS

Apply a default font
  • Slide>Edit Master
  • Select all text and change font
  • Exit slide master
Try making it collaborative
  • SHARE button at top right, create a sharing link or share through Google classroom
  • with large groups, I suggest assigning each person a slide number for their work

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