Thursday, October 11, 2012

Math Game: More or Less Board 2

Here's a variation of the previous game.  We are currently playing on this board  at school using 1 die only (but feel free to try 2 dice!)

* 2 dice
* a gameboard for each player
* bingo chips or other objects for markers
* spinner (we used heavy paper and a fastener to make ours!)

How to Play:
*the first player rolls the dice and adds together the numbers on the dice
*the first player spins the spinner
*the first player covers the square that corresponds (ie: roll a 2 + 4=6 and spin 1 more, then cover 7) 
*the next player goes and follows the same steps
*a player wins when he or she covers 5 squares in a row

* cover all squares to win (blackout game)
*play with 1 die

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