Friday, September 27, 2013

Smart Kids Use Numbers

We made our first video yesterday.  It was about numbers and we shared it with our families at the open house last night.  Now we hope more people will watch it.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pattern Hunt Home Activity

We've been learning all about patterns in grade 1.  We're really good at recognizing patterns, extending patterns and translating patterns.  Our job with our families is to find patterns in our homes, yards and neighborhoods.  Feel free to join our pattern activity and share photos on your blog or on Twitter so we can see them!  Send your Tweets @mrsobachsclass or post a link in our comments.  Here are some we've found so far:

Addison's popcorn bowl

Camryn's pumpkins

 Jaxen's vase

 Kayleigh's bins

Madison - the roof of the drug store

Peyton's bales
 Landon's trampoline
Wyat's hydro poles
Connor's blanket

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why we need numbers

During math today, we starting talking about numbers.  We're going to be learning lots about numbers this year, so we started thinking of some reasons we use numbers.  Please add your ideas by sending us a Tweet @mrsobachsclass or leaving a comment on this post!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Project Based Learning: Our Steps

I've just posted my second contribution as a guest blogger for the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network Hot Topics blog.  Click here to read the post and learn more about the steps Mrs. Caldwell and I use for project based learning in our classrooms.  

Introductory Lesson/ Project Launch
Collaborative brainstorming
Selecting a topic of interest
Identifying a problem
Developing an action plan
Executing the plan
Reflection, feedback & suggestions

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Microsoft Partners in Learning: Hot Topics Blog

I'm very excited to have been asked to post as a guest blogger on the Microsoft Partners in Learning Hot Topics blog.  Educators can join the PiL network for free at to have access to blogs, lesson ideas and online professional development.  Microsoft is currently looking for more teachers to join their Expert Educator program as well.  Be sure to apply by September 30th!

You can read my full post about project based learning by clicking here.  The post summarizes the projects that classes have done in previous years and provides links to additional details for each project.  We're just getting started with ideas for this year's collaborative projects, so stay tuned for more updates as our projects develop!

Welcome back!

After a lovely summer of sunshine, horseback riding, floating on the lake and having great fun with friends and family, I am back to school and back to blogging.  As we begin a new school year, I'd like to restate the purpose and goals for my blog:
  • to share resources and ideas with other teachers and education stakeholders
  • to share our class accomplishments and learning
  • to reflect on professional learning and my classroom practices
  • to communicate with parents, community members and others who have an interest in our classroom
Welcome to Mrs. Obach's Grade 1 Blog - I hope you find something that helps you, interests you, inspires you or makes you proud!  I'm looking forward to another great year in Grade 1!