Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kids Who Code: We are Learning to Code!

We are learning to code in our Grade 1 classroom.  We are hoping to get SO good at coding that we can teach other people to code. 

Our class watched this video about coding today:

Here is what we learned:
  • people all over the world are learning to code
  • there are still people all over the world who don't know how to code
  • ANYONE can learn to code if they try
  • Hour of Code is when people can sign up to try coding at
  • Coding week is December 7 until December 13th

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Time for Patterns

Mrs. Obach's smart Grade 1 learned about patterns in math.  We can make patterns, translate patterns and find patterns. We can teach you about patterns in this video.  Our class can take pictures of patterns.  This is our first time making a video to show what we learned and this is also our first class blog post!  We hope you like our video!