Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Olympics Inquiry

We are working with our friends in OLCS Kindergarten to learn about the Olympics.  This morning, we had a Skype call with Mrs. Caldwell and her class.  I explained to the boys and girls that a big event is happening in the world this winter, but did not tell them what special event I was talking about.  Before watching this video, Mrs.Caldwell and I asked our students to be detectives and look for clues in the video about what the big event might be.  After watching the video, a student correctly guessed that the big event is the Olympics.

Many of us did not know very much about the Olympics, so we shared our ideas and then students came up with some inquiry questions.  We made an agreement to share responsibility for finding answers to our questions.  Each class chose questions to focus on.  It will be our job to find answers to some of our initial questions and post them to our blog so the Kindergartens and other classes can also learn what we found out. The Kindergartens will also find answers to some of the questions and, in turn, post their learning for us to see.  Students also requested that we share our learning on Twitter, but, since Tweets have to be very short, students decided that we would write our answers on the blog and share the blog posts via Twitter. 

We discussed some possible sources for information and students came up with the ideas of using books, internet and people to help them learn about the Olympics.  We are excited to get started!

Watch for more posts once the Grade 1s start sharing their learning!  Classrooms, teachers, parents and community members - please feel free to join us in learning about the Olympics and share what you know, sources of information or your own learning. 

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