Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Poetry: Why?

We have been reading and writing poetry in grade 1.  Today, for a shared writing activity, we wrote our own question poem.  We tried to make it rhyme, just like our model poem.  We had a lot of fun (and giggles) putting this together:

By Mrs. Obach's Smart Grade 1s

Why can't I be a farmer?
Why do knights wear armor?

Why can't I stay up late?
Why can't my name be Taite?

Why can't I soar in the sky?
Why did my turtle have to die?

Why can't I fly?
Why is the ground not up high?

Why can't I be older?
Why can't I reach Mr. Zilkey's shoulder?

Why can't I have nine lives?
Why do bees build hives?

Why can't I go with you?
Where is Ariah's shoe?

Why can't I be a cat?
Why should I wear a hat?

Why can't I be a dog?
Why can't I have my own blog?

Why can't I be a cow?
Why can't I have a big WOW?

Why can't I walk upside down?
Why can't I wear the crown?
Why does my cow always frown?

Why can't I be an insect?
What kinds of things could I collect?

Why can't I be a fire-breathing dragon?
Why do I have to pull the wagon?

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