Thursday, November 9, 2017

Global Read Aloud: Tough Boris Talks

I enjoyed working with Mrs. Ramsey's Grade 1 class, Mrs. Eftoda's Grade 1 class and Mrs. Reagh's Grade 1/2 class this month.  These 3 classes have been participating in the Mem Fox author study as part of Global Read Aloud.   Mem Fox's Tough Borris uses great adjectives to describe the pirate character, Boris.  When I visited each class, we read the book carefully, keeping track of the describing words and discussing what each word meant.

Next, we tried describing ourselves as if we were Tough Boris.  We set criteria for "what a good job sounds like" and then we recorded our ideas using ChatterPix.   Some students even used their prior knowledge of pirates to add some pirate expressions to their recording!  Check out the final videos below:

Inglis Grade 1

RES Grade 1/2

SCS Grade 1

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