Friday, May 10, 2013

Field Trip: Alyssa's Ark Small Animal Rescue

As a part of our goal to help animals this year, we took a field trip to visit and volunteer at a real rescue organization.  Alyssa at Alyssa's Ark Small Animal Rescue in Brandon, MB graciously hosted us on Friday, May 3rd.

 Before we went, we decided that we'd like to make some treats for the animals kind of like our Oak Lake Kindergarten friends made dog biscuits for homeless dogs at the humane society.  Since Alyssa had a lot of rabbits, we researched recipes for rabbit treats on the internet and then sent our ideas to Alyssa to see if the rabbits would like the ingredients.  Next, we planned a grocery list and then took a trip to the local co-op to buy groceries.  When it was time to make treats, we took turns reading, measuring, mixing and scooping the treats. 

Our field trip went very well.  We got to meet the animals, ask questions about them and learn a bit about their rescue stories.  Our class split into two groups and both groups got turns to make toys for the animals, feed the animals and even pet some of the animals!  We were really lucky to have a partnership with Alyssa and we learned a lot from our visit to her rescue!

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