Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celebrating our 100th Day!

Thursday, February 13th marked our 100th day of school.  This special occasion was worth celebrating, but I wanted to do things a little differently this year.  I always have SO many fun learning activities to do on 100th day and sometimes we can't fit in everything I plan.  This year, I chose my favorite 100th day activities and made them part of our Daily 5 ELA and Math so students could pick the activities which they'd most like to do!

Some Daily 5 ELA choices for our 100th day:
  • writing about 100 (What I'd do with $100, what I'd want/not want 100 of, what I'd eat/not eat 100 of)
  • word study: I can write 100 words.  Students tried to write 100 different words!
  • drawing what we'd look like when we are 100
Some Daily 5 Math choices for our 100th day:
  • 100 Tallies Game - roll the dice and tally  until someone reaches 100 and wins
  • 100 Color by Number 
  • 100 chart - students filled in a blank 100 chart with all 100 missing numbers!
We also worked with partners to count a collection of 100.  There are many collections of items in our classroom, so our class brainstormed the options and then each team chose different items to count.  Some of the items included: counters, blocks, pennies, buttons, pattern blocks and dice.

One of my most favorite activities this year was one I'd never done with students before.  I gave each student diecuts of the numbers 1, 0 and 0 (which I'd cut with my Cricut).  Then each student had to complete the "My 100 is a ..." challenge and turn their 100 into something new.  It was a great activity for encouraging creative thinking!  Everyone had great ideas for this activity and I've photographed them all to share below!

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