Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Learning & Fun!

Just like I have MANY favorite 100th day activities, I also have many favorite Valentine's activities.  I took a similar approach as I did to 100th day and made a number of Valentine's reading, writing and numeracy activities part of the students' Daily 5 choices.  We also did Candy Heart Math, one of my MOST favorite Valentine's activities.  It involves sorting, graphing, addition, grouping and comparison all using candy hearts.   

I revise my Candy Heart activities each year, so I'm sharing my latest file of Candy Heart Math student pages for anyone to download.  

We also have an annual skating party at our local rink, which was a great fun and great exercise again this year!  

Here's a fun Valentine's writing page that I created this year - click link to download.   

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