Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Hour, No Power - We met our goal!

We have been working on reducing our energy consumption through the One Hour, No Power challenge as part of our Classroom Energy Diet.  Students chose to aim for 10 hours without power to achieve the highest level for this challenge.  For this challenge, the description stated "One hour of no power is defined as one classroom not using power for one hour. That is to say, if you have two classrooms participating for one hour each, that will equal two hours of no power. If you have three classrooms participating and they all complete three hours, that would be nine hours of no power."  When I read that description, students had some ideas of how to meet their goal...

 In order to meet our goal, we got other classrooms involved in the challenge.  Students decided to reach out to classrooms via Twitter and also ask the other classes in our schools to participate.  We tallied our results today and we were able to accumulate 11 hours without power!  I am really proud of the Grade 1s for their great work and for their efforts to encourage other classrooms to get involved in this challenge!

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