Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Break Snapshot!

Spring break has already come and gone, and since we've been back at school the boys and girls have been hard at work. They have written a paragraph to explain what they did on their spring break!
This was a great writing activity that started with a hamburger graphic organizer to organize our thoughts. We discussed topic sentences, conclusion sentences, jot notes, editing paragraphs, writing good copies, and many other writing topics in the process. The students started with a hamburger graphic organizer and we wrote down our jot notes for each sentence (what our sentence was going to be about in one or two words). After we had completed our hamburger it was time to put our jot notes into sentences to make our rough draft. The students were great at adding describing words to make their sentences "juicy". We then conferenced one on one to revise and edit our writing, so we checked for capitals, periods, correct spelling, missing words, etc. After our editing was complete it was time to make our good copy using our best printing. I was so happy with how well they turned out. The Grade 1's did an excellent job of using their nice neat printing and copying from their rough copy. The illustrations that were added brought our spring break paragraph to life! Enjoy looking through our work!

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