Thursday, October 16, 2014

Making Connections Across the Globe!

Not only is my great group of "connected kids" making connections across the country, but they are also making connections across the globe.  This week, a visitor arrived from Ireland!    His name is Matt and he came in this envelope all the way from his home in Tramore.

Are you curious yet??

Matt, also known as "Flat Matt",  was sent to us by a 1st Class (six and seven year olds) at Glor na Mara Primary School who connected with our class on Twitter.  You can follow them here: @blognamara

We are so excited to look inside Matt's scrapbook and learn more about his home in Ireland!  The students at Glor na Mara have included photos and captions to show us and tell us all about their school and community.   As Matt travels the world, his twin brother, Jim, will be traveling around Ireland.  Their progress will be documented in their scrapbooks and online at the Adventures of Matthew and Jim blog.  We are feeling lucky to be included in this interesting project and we can't wait to show Matt around our school and community!


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