Thursday, April 7, 2016

Marvelous Muffins: Fundraising Success!

With the help of some great volunteers and one of our partner classrooms, we completed our baking for the Marvelous Muffins project before spring break.  One of our jobs upon returning to class was to calculate how much money we raised.  Using base ten blocks, we counted out the number of dollars we collected from muffin orders.  Then, we "traded" some blocks so we could subtract the number of dollars we spent on groceries.  Next, we counted up the remaining blocks to find out how much money we raised.  The grade 1 class was excited to celebrate that they raised $494 to purchase school supplies for Mr. Eric's class in Ghana, Africa! 

Mr. Eric sent us some photos of his school and classroom so that our class could see what it is like there.  We noticed that they have the alphabet on the wall just like us and they also have tables and chairs like us.  We also noticed that they have different school supplies than us and we are excited to send them some new supplies to use in their classroom!  Our next step is selecting and ordering supplies for their classroom.


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