Thursday, March 9, 2017

Polar Bear Project: Is this a polar bear?

A massive blizzard hit southwestern Manitoba this week, closing our school for two days and leaving behind massive amounts of snow.  Today our school reopened, but the buses were not running so we had a smaller group of students than usual.  We were working on wrapping up a few jobs from our polar bear project when one student suggested we write a book "Is this a polar bear?" based on a model text Is this a moose? which we had studied earlier in the year.  I was happy to hear that my students wanted to write and were generating ideas for their writing, so we went with this idea as our writing project for today.  Each student chose an animal and selected the image for their page, then wrote their part.  Our final product looks great and the students were excited to do a shared reading of their new book this afternoon! They were eager to share the book online, so I've scanned a copy and made it available online using OneDrive. 

Check out our latest class book, Is This a Polar Bear? with images by  Click on the title page, then scroll to view additional pages. 

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